Compliance Program

Penal Responsability Program

The most important thing for our clients is to be and feel secure. After the Spanish Penal Code reform and the inclusion of art. 31 Bis and others; companies can be judged and taken to court as authors of crimes that are committed by their employees or even directors, when these have obtained a benefit either directly or indirectly.

In order to prevent the crime from happening in the first place and also to eliminate the liability the company has on its employees actions it has been established that companies will need to implement a Compliance Program that has been adapted to the companies special circumstances (a compliance program will be different depending on the industry, companies needs, number of employees etc). Only when this tailor made compliance program has been drafted and implemented can the company be excused of any legal responsibility in the case that an employee were to commit a criminal offense.

A&P Lawyers, are specialist in designing Compliance Programs for a wide variety of companies, clients and needs. Our services are quality assured and can be certified by the ISO 9600.

Risk Assessment Mapping
The first stage of the compliance program will determine, analyse and study the impact these new laws have on your company and which risks and crimes it could be susceptible to.
Ethical Code
The ethical code will reflect the priorities of your business and company. It is a showcase of the company’s values, image and philosophy.
Worker Guidance Manual and Disciplinary Code
The worker Guidance and Disciplinary Code manual, also known as “Codigo de Buen Gobierno” for smaller companies, will encompass a complete and comprehensive guide for workers on criminal offenses and the procedure that is in place when these rules are broken.
Employee Training
Every Compliance Program is accompanied by staff training, this can either be on or offline.
Online Ethical or Claim Channel
This is a secure online channel where employees, company directors or clients can communicate directly with the Compliance Officer regarding any possible infractions being committed within the company.
Compliance Officer
The Compliance Officer is an external team in charge of the Compliance Program. It must be an independent and external team with the authority to make decisions on its own.
Public Declaration Of Compliance Fulfilment
This consist of the drafting and publication of a public document which states that the company commits to implementing and adhering to the Compliance Program within the new established legal framework. Once the Compliance Program has been implemented it will be honoured with our quality assurance stamp.
Updating The Compliance Program
The Compliance Program that is put in place must be kept up to date by specialized experts in Compliance Law as well as being readily available to employees.
Business Management Procedures

Focused on detecting your companies needs at the most critical times in order to improve efficiency and maximize profits.

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