The Golden Visa is the system that the Spanish State has implemented to attract foreign investment, receiving in exchange from the investor the residence permit that can be extended to his spouse and his family members.

Among the advantages of these visas, we can point:

  1. Agility in your administrative procedures.
  2. Validity of two years and easy renewal, the only requirement being that the investment is maintained and that the applicant has traveled to Spain at least once.
  3. Possibility of developing a commercial activity in Spain.
  4. It allows travel to European countries, as if it were a holiday visa.

The investment can be carried out in one of the following ways :

  1. For the acquisition of real estate in Spain, a minimum investment of 500.000 €, plus the charges.
  2. For the acquisition of bank deposits, a minimum investment of 1.000.000€ plus the charges.
  3. For the acquisition of shares in investment funds located in Spain, a minimum investment of 1.000.000€ plus the charges.
  4. For the acquisition of holdings or shares in companies based in Spain, a minimum investment of 1.000.000€, plus the charges.
  5. For the acquisition of public debt securities, a minimum investment of 2.000.000€, plus the charges.

Other requirements:

  1. Have private health coverage.
  2. Extract from the criminal record.
  3. Obtaining a foreigner’s identification number NIE.
  4. Paying taxes.

If you meet the above requirements, or think you do, and you wish to reside, have a work permit, spend long periods of time in Spain and be able to travel throughout Europe without restrictions, A&P Lawyers can help you carry out your dreams. A&P Lawyers is a firm specialized in commercial and international advice. 

Our experience allows us to assist you in the processing of your Golden Visa, representing you before the relevant authorities. If you would like to contact us or receive more information, please send us an email with the subject line Golden Visa to and we will contact you.


Rafael Aguirre Povedano.

Abogado & CEO Aguirre Povedano Abogados