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Legal boutique specializing in business advisory services and Compliance Program.
We will adapt ourselves to you and your needs, helping and advising you every step of the way in every decision you make.


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Compliance Program

  • Experts in Compliance Penal.
  • Risk Assessment Mapping.
  • Tailor made development of Ethical Code, Good Practice Rules, Disciplinary Codes, etc
  • Compliance Officer; we will form part of your compliance program and team.

Business Consulting

  • We offer business consulting services for your company in the areas of Commercial (Mercantile) and International Law.
  • Registration of trade brands and patents.
  • Creation of contracts for new business deals and partnerships.
  • Recovery of unpaid services and debt chasing.


  • International business consulting and the opening of new markets.
  • Drafting, revision and finalization of international contracts.
  • Double Taxation Agreements.
  • Joints Venture.

Asset Management

  • Trading Companies.
  • Taxation
  • Trading Singular Assets.
  • Investment Research.


We believe in innovation and development.

We bet strongly on new technology, as well as bettering the quality of our services and making our clients legal matters as easy and streamlined as possible. We offer our clients a tailor made Progressive Web Application in line with our vision of bringing legal advice to our clients everywhere at any time.

Avoid Commuting And Wasting Your Precious Time

Our App will allow you to complete most of your legal tasks from wherever you are giving you more time to concentrate on what is important.

Have your legal documentation instantly
You will have access to all of your legal documents instantly either on your smartphone or computer.
Keep in touch no matter where you are.
With the help of our legal App you will be keep up to date on all your legal processes, no matter where you are or the time of day.
Personalized Assistance

Our legal office will assign you a lawyer that understands your case and needs. Your specialized advisor will be able to answer any doubts or queries you may have through an integrated chat or videoconference on our Legal App.

You will be able to maintain free videoconference calls with your lawyer at a time that is suitable for you.

About Us

Our central office is located in Córdoba, southern Spain. Our team is made up of highly specialized individuals in  Compliance Program, Businnes Consulting, International Law y Assets Management. We provide our advisory services to both companies and individuals, always tailor making our services to our client’s needs and offering a hight quality service while honouring our Ethical Code.


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Buzón del Ciudadano VS. Buzón Ético o Canal de Denuncias

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